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cindy | ♀ | usa

hello! you can call me cindy, cat, whatever floats your boat ♥︎
feel free to talk to me. because i'm a lonely child. seriously though, i don't bite. ;w;

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my life in a nutshell
riding . art . fluffeh things . coffee . sylveon



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I hope to gain some more friends soon! <3 ilu all

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thank you all so much omg <3 ilu //spazzes out




Journal Entry: Sat Sep 13, 2014, 1:44 PM

If you haven't noticed, I haven't been around at all lately. 

I just wanted to type a notice stating where I've been and when I plan on returning.

Well, school started a month ago and AP classes are kicking my ass. Plus ugh let's not even talk about math. I'm struggling to raise my grade up, and that means studying a lot. A lot. 

Also since I have to start thinking about college I've been kicking my riding up a notch by going to more shows and events. I'm actually preparing for championships, and those are going to happen next month. 

So of course with all that going on and more, art is not a priority. Art class itself is already exhausting me and I just haven't had time to draw outside of school. ): 

I don't know when this will blow over, so the return date is uncertain right now. I'm really sorry about this, but please just bear with me as I try to navigate this insane patch of my life. 

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sometimes, you just really need $10k to magically float down from above

RBS Official Rules

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 1:05 PM

NOTICE: These rules will serve as rules and double as guidelines.

I reserve the right to change or bend them for certain situations. I promise I will not abuse this power and only use it when the situation absolutely calls for it.

Bow Divider Black by UndeadZombiie

Breeding Rules

1) Whenever you want to ask about breedings, please note the question to me. Comments will be ignored.
         Addendum - Please title breeding notes with the title 'Breeding Request'.

2) Code for breeding slots: [Breeding slots are always flexible, even when they are closed. Note me offers.]
            :bulletred: Closed, will probably decline but if you have a good enough offer I might consider it.
            :bulletyellow: Hesitant, depends on offer. There's a 50-50 chance of acceptance.
            :bulletgreen: Open, usually price will be listed when this is the case. Higher offers will be met with love! <3
        Addendum - Dominant mutations are solid. This means whatever it says there, no exceptions. Closed = closed.

3) Mates must be approved before breeding. Please list the mate you wish to breed my horse with when sending the note.

4) Breeding images are required, though I only require headshots. Fullbody is very appreciated! 
        Addendum - Slots bought with cash (cash only!), breeding images are waived.

5) I do require a slot to any foal bred from my horses. I will let you know if I don't need it. (:

6) Please let me know if you plan to sell a foal from one of my horses! I might be willing to buy it. I'll appreciate it a lot!

7) Please notify me of any foals/grandfoals/etc bred from my horses! I like to keep track. 

8) No refunds. If the foal is inbred and dies, that is your responsibility, not mine. Be sure before you pay!

9) Regarding art payments:
            a. I will never ask for more than 3 fullbody images w/ background on normal non-mutation horses. 
            b. On mutation horses, it depends on non-dom or dom. I will never ask for ridiculous amounts though!
            c. All art must be drawn before you can use the slot. Your slot will be reserved when you finish the breedpic*. 
                    *so I suggest doing it first!
            d. If you offer more than what I state, that is on you and rules a-b will be waived. 

10) Breeding exchanges are accepted, though we will have to talk through that. I basically only require what you require. 

11) For dominant mutation horses; those rules will be clearly explained on their reference sheets.

Terms and Conditions

1) I reserve the right to decline an offer for any reason, even if the slots are open.

2) I reserve the right to waive or bend rules for any reason. Though I probably won't do that. ;D

3) I reserve the right to revoke slots when payment has not been received yet. 

4) I reserve the right to do whatever I want with the slot from a foal bred from my horses.

5) When you finish payment and use the slot, the foal is yours to keep. I will not take it back, because he now belongs to you*. 
                    *please read the 'Reclaiming Clear Up' below though

6) I really don't want to start a blacklist, as I feel like we are all mature enough to understand and follow rules. 
            a. But, this is the internet. If it comes to it I will have a private blacklist (not public) and I will let you know if you are on it.
            b. I will not take back foals if you are put on the blacklist, but you will be banned from any future business with RBS. 

Reclaiming Clear Up

1) I would really hate to reclaim a foal. I really would. You paid for that foal, and he/she's yours to keep. But, there are always problems.
            a. If you are blacklisted from the breed, I will have no choice but to reclaim the foal. 
            b. If you fail to meet the registration time for the foal for the breed, I might have to reclaim the foal. This can be debated though.
            c. If you are quitting or deleting your horses, I will reclaim the foal. 
            d. If the other parent belongs to someone else, I will discuss this with them over who gets the foal.

Barn Rules

1) Be kind and courteous, please. At the end of the day this is only an online pixel horse we're talking about here. 

2) Respect me, and I will respect you. Rude = ignored*.
                    *not blacklisted, but I will probably be very unpleasant towards you in future interactions

3) Please be sure to follow the specific breed rules of the horse's breed, as well as my own. 

Bow Divider Black by UndeadZombiie

Before breeding requests or any business with RBS can be conducted, I will have to get a signature (just say 'signed by [your name]') in the comments.
You don't really have to read through the entire journal, but remember you will be held and bound by the rules above when you sign. So read it.

Signature Page

Thank you for entertaining the thought of doing business with Red Birch Stables! The gesture is very much appreciated. ^^

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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 2:02 PM

Remember when I said I was going to be more active? Well, screw what I said because I LIED. I am probably not going to be able to draw for a few more months (at the very most) because when I signed up for that AP class last school year I did NOT know it was going to be this much work. I'm not even done with my summer assignment for it, and school starts in like a week. Yikes. Well, that's being a sophomore for ya. Doing stupid things because you're just coming off from surviving freshman year. I'm happy to say I've learned my lesson though. 

Note to self: Next year, when you sign up for 4 AP classes, get your ass to start working on it right away. 

I can't promise any good activity either when the school year starts because I will have more homework than last year. And I signed up for Intermediate Art, so most of my art time will be spent doing things for that class. We'll see when I get there I guess. 



commissions: CLOSED
prices + info: [X]

|| trades: open || requests: no ||

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if you're feeling kind or if you want to pay for stuff, click the 'give points' button ;w;



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